Before landing in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, here are some places near Yarmouth where you can also stay and travel.

1. Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a local and tourist destination for leisure, entertainment, culture, and recreation. According to Keith Rawlings, a former mayor, Bournemouth has a strong young culture due to its big university population and numerous language training pupils.

A variety of festivals are presently taking place in Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival is a ten-day event that presents live cooking demonstrations. The Arts by the Sea Festival is a combination of dance, film, theatre, literature, and music that was released in 2012 by the local university, the Arts University Bournemouth, and is cast to become an annual celebration.

Bournemouth also has big universities that caters students all their learning needs. Check out these universities and training providers to accommodate your learning needs while staying in the beautiful city.

Bournemouth University

Knowledge Train

Bournemouth City College

2. Portsmouth

Portsmouth is one of the world’s most well-known ports; its history dates to Roman times, and it has long served as a Royal Navy dockyard and station. Author Charles Dickens, architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel, former Prime Minister James Callaghan, actor Peter Sellers, and author-journalist Christopher Hitchens were all born there.

Every year, veterans from Allied and Commonwealth nations gather in Portsmouth to commemorate the D-Day landings. The city government and the Kite Society of Great Britain celebrates annual Portsmouth International Kite Festival.

Visit these various theatres in Portsmouth if you are looking for fantastic touring plays, comedy acts, live music, and much more.

New Theatre Royal – located in the city centre on Guildhall Walk, specializes on professional play featuring traveling and in-house theatre, music, and comedy, as well as workshops.

Kings Theatre – in Southsea, which has been refurbished, hosts amateur musicals, popular drama, and comedy.

Groundlings Theatre – established in 1784, is situated in Portsea’s Old Beneficial School that performs sketch comedies.


Southampton is a port city in Hampshire, a ceremonial county in southern England. It is well-known for being the main port for some of the world’s largest cruise ships. In addition, the city is one of the most prominent places to visit in the South of England.

The city has the longest preserved length of medieval walls in England, as well as a variety of museums.

Tudor House Museum – Grade I listed historic building, museum, and tourist attraction in Southampton, England. It is reopened last 30th of July 2011 following substantial restoration and refurbishment.

God’s House Tower – GHT is an archaeological museum about the city’s legacy, situated in one of Southampton’s most important historic landmarks, and is placed in one of the tower walls’ unique hireable areas.

SeaCity Museum – Highlights the story of the city’s inhabitants, their interesting lives, and their historic links with the Titanic, is situated in the west wing of the municipal building, which was formerly used by Hampshire Constabulary and the Magistrates’ Court.